The not so impossible sales job

Posted Under: Austin, Texas jobs in Sales; Sales jobs in zipcode 73301
Posted On: 2017-08-22 07:00:00

I am looking for sales people with heart, brain and endurance for a product online service, software as a service in combination with what is commonly thought of as not existing or possible visual programming. I am talking about a "No Fly Zone" in the world of software, if not THE "No Fly Zone". Visually programmable online service, servicing custom office, and ERP alike software. This can be used as a new approach in a classical software project supporting the communication and the creation of the software specification between the different departments or as an online service providing a new way to integrate programming, the use and how to manage, custom software in a company, providing unforeseen power over that what really matters the software features, a plus when a company wants to use the "cloud" or "private cloud" as part of their IT infrastructure. We are a start up and we are selling an online service we are able pay a % of sales for a year or more or so as long as the customer subscribes to the service, what ever ends first. Fix salaries are possible down the road. If you like to be part of our team please "holla back at me with a message on face book", it will be challenging and rewarding experience, in multiple ways. You do not have to be located in Austin or Texas. Looking forward to read/hear from you.