Application Security Engineer job opportunity is available in Atlanta, GA

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Posted On: 2017-05-19 12:00:00

<span>Application Security Engineer job opportunity is available in Atlanta, GA. <br><B>&nbsp;</B><br><B>Role overview:</B><br>An application and security consultant role in support of improved software application and systems security. &nbsp;Support with minimizing the possibility that coding or configuration security vulnerabilities could have worked their way into system environments that could present a point-of-compromise.<br>The Security Consultant will maintain involvement in the organization&rsquo;s Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process, liaising with business and technical performers. &nbsp;The Security Consultant will review project documentation, research and reference security policy, render recommendations and guidance, approve or reject project artifacts from a security perspective, and perform other tasks in the pursuit of secure software development.<br>Responsibilities:<br>&bull; Responsible for providing technical expertise on the development and support of all activities, processes, and tools for protecting technology-based information.<br>&bull; Provides technical support to clients, management, security administrators, and network operations.<br>&bull; Reviews, develops, tests, and implements security plans, products, and control techniques.<br>&bull; Reviews circumstances surrounding data security incidents and designs corrective actions. Documents security policies and procedures.<br>&bull; Provides implementation support for risk assessment and data security procedures and products.<br>&bull; Leads enterprise-wide definition, establishment, and maintenance of data, security-related infrastructure, applications, and processes.<br>&bull; Evaluates new and proposed security systems and technologies.<br>&nbsp;<br><B>Qualifications:</B><br>&bull; Professional experience with software application security, and its associated standards and practices.<br>&bull; Professional experience as a software application developer in a popular development language (e.g., Java, .NET, C/C++), performing web-based development.<br>&bull; Professional experience with securing mobile devices and applications (i.e., understanding attacks, vulnerabilities).<br>&bull; Professional experience with popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Unix/Linux.<br>&bull; Professional experience with popular system databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL.<br>&bull; Professional experience with processes, tools, techniques and practices for assuring adherence to standards associated with accessing, altering and protecting organizational data.<br>&bull; Professional experience with security policy, its interpretation, reference, and usage when delivering opinions, recommendations, and offering guidance.<br>&bull; Possessing a clear understanding of software design standards, principles, and practices.<br>&bull; Possessing an understanding of and can provide guidance on information security risk management (ISO\IEC 27001:2013, Octave-Allegro, ISO\IEC 31000, FAIR).<br>&bull; Possessing knowledge and application of PCI DSS 3.0, GLBA, SOX, COBIT, ISO\IEC 27001:2013, and/or NIST CSF standards.<br>&bull; Possessing a Bachelor&#39;s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Security, Mathematics, or an associated technical field.<br>&nbsp;<br><B>Desired qualifications:</B><br>&nbsp;<br>&bull; Professional experience with software code analysis tools (e.g., FindBugs, HP Fortify SCA), their use, configuration/tuning, and results interpretation.<br>&bull; Having a good understanding of risk management, security architecture, common weaknesses, and vulnerability analysis.<br>&bull; Having a familiarity with software testing tools (e.g., OWASP Zap).<br>&bull; Possessing security-centric certifications such as CSSLP, or CISSP, other associated.<br>&bull; Payments industry or financial sector experience.<br>&bull; Possessing a Master&#39;s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Information Security, Mathematics, or an associated technical field.<br>&nbsp;<br></span>