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Posted On: 2017-04-21 02:00:00

Job Description:

R&M MATERIALS HANDLING (RMI) POSITION SUMMARY POSITION TITLE: Sales Engineer REPORTS TO: Customer Service Manager -- New Equipment PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Prepare commercial and technical proposals for overhead material handling equipment to be utilized in a production or maintenance capacity in a variety of industrial environments (power plants, general manufacturing, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, etc.) A. Establish distributor (customer) requirements. Analyze material handling application including physical environment (temperature, location, dust, humidity, presence of gases or vapors, etc.), industrial process (types of loads, precise load handling, weight of loads, throughput requirements, reliability factors such as up-time, whether equipment is part of process or for maintenance, required safety features, etc.), type of controls (2-speed, variable frequency, radio, etc.), capacity, voltage, speed, duty class, design standards (European, US, Canadian, International), and local codes (construction/electrical). Review and interpret specifications, discuss with distributor and make technical suggestions or present options to enhance productivity and reliability of equipment. May prepare cost/benefit analysis for distributor, depending upon application and specifications. Rely on engineering knowledge and overall knowledge of industrial applications and/or industry experience. B. Design material handling solution (overhead crane, jib crane, monorail, workstation or combination thereof) to meet application requirements utilizing knowledge of technical parameters, industrial applications and constraints of available products. C. Establish specifications and parameters to be used to size and select proper components (electrical/mechanical/structural), based upon customer requirements. Utilize proprietary software, price books, product manuals, and manual calculations to design and select appropriate components. Interpret software results and evaluate for appropriateness. Make adjustments to software output based upon engineering judgement and industry experience. D. Formalize customer proposal. Prepare and edit CAD drawings of proposed material handling system. Prepare technical documentation, drawings, terms, conditions and pricing. E. Communicate with distributor's technical and commercial representatives by telephone, fax, and e-mail. 2. Enter new equipment orders into MRP system. Establish and analyze distributor requirements. Utilize knowledge of product and understating of technical parameters to accurately input the data needed to produce the product specified in the quotation/expected by the customer. Communicate with distributors via telephone, fax and e-mail. 3. Resolve product warranty issues, design field modifications to material handling components, troubleshoot electrical/mechanical components, identify spare parts through bills of material, drawings and manuals. Communicate with distributors via telephone, fax and e-mail -- occasional travel to customer site. 4. Prepare technical and commercial proposals for field modifications, spare parts, and other services. Recommend spare parts packages based on equipment usage and applications. Enter orders into MRP system when customer approves order. Run reports and provide delivery updates to customers as required. 5. Co-ordinate/Conduct service, technical, and sales training of distributors at our training facility. Participate in developing Training Programs. Training topics include product preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, applications/specifications, benefits, use of proprietary crane design software, etc. 6. Prepare technical and commercial documentation including technical specifications, operating and maintenance manuals, product descriptions, sales literature, training materials, terms, conditions and contracts. 7. Respond to inquiries of sales force and distributors relating to published data, product specifications, product applications and other technical data. Provide feedback regarding product specifications, published documents and other technical materials to appropriate departments. Investigate and keep informed of competitor technical specifications, product data, websites, industry standards and developments, etc. Continually develop technical knowledge of product offering. 8. Achieve industry leading customer service. A. Provide professional written and verbal communications and timely processing of quotations and orders. Maintain a high degree of clerical accuracy. Initiate efforts to create an effective team and earn the trust and respect from both customers and coworkers. Seek timely solutions to resolve unexpected problems and make significant contribution with little direction. Maintain a timely and thorough responsiveness to inquiries including but not limited to phone calls, voice mails, faxes and e-mails. 9. Other duties as assigned by supervisor. EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in Engineering or equivalent