Regional Service Coordinator

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Posted On: 2017-05-19

<span>Interested in working in a Regional Service Coordinator position in <br>Jeffersonville, IN with a dynamic and growing company? In this role our <br>client is a fortune 500 company with room for growth and stability. We are <br>looking for someone who is smart, dependable, driven and have a strong <br>interest in Customer Service. <br>&nbsp;<br>RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES INCLUDE: <br>&bull;Recruiting servicer providers to sign up with our extended network. <br>Working closely with servicer providers in the HVAC industry. Managing all <br> open claims events to ensure proper servicer activity as well as customer <br> satisfaction. Responsible for managing the servicer network and all <br> associated service levels as well as all Dispatch needs for the business. <br>&nbsp;<br> Recruit Service Providers to join extended warranty network. <br>&nbsp;<br>&bull;Accurately locates and dispatches a service provider for a claim through <br>utilized program/software. <br> &bull; Taking inbound/outbound calls related to all Dispatched claims, open <br> claims issues and service provider related issues. <br> &bull; Performs quality customer service through proper telephone <br> communication. <br>&bull; Daily point of contact for the active service provider network. <br> &bull; Monitoring and managing to performance metrics for the active service <br> provider network. <br> &bull; Solicitation of new or existing service centers based on contact <br> coverage needs. <br> &bull; Faxing necessary forms to servicers for dispatching or service agreement <br> negotiation purposes, and performing all necessary follow-up. <br> &bull; Maintaining the data integrity of the current servicer network. <br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>REQUIRED SKILLS/QUALIFICATIONS <br> &bull;Sales and recruiting abilities (must cold call servicers to recruit them <br> to become part of extended network). <br>&nbsp;<br>&bull; Analytical/ technical skills. <br>&bull; Results oriented, able to work well under pressure. <br>&bull; Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. <br>&bull; Ability to multitask <br>&bull; Professional attitude, enthusiastic, and reliable. <br>&bull; Effective written and verbal communication skills. Including the ability <br> to de-escalate. <br>&bull; PC literate (Proficiency in MS Excel, Word, and Outlook a must). <br>&bull; Consistently meet deadlines. <br>&bull; Problem solving skills. <br>&bull; Professional phone skills. <br>&bull; Ability to negotiate. <br>&bull; Internet researching ability. <br>&bull; Basic product knowledge, appliances, consumer electronics, and/or <br> personal computers <br>&nbsp;<br>If you are interested please attach the most current copy of your resume. <br>Also be on the lookout for a 303 area code for a preliminary phone screen! <br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br></span>

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