Network Engineer

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Posted On: 2017-05-19

<span>Our client is looking for best-in-class Network Engineers to help deploy, scale and automate one of the world&rsquo;s largest and complex networks. Their Customers demand the highest quality and reliability for their services. They are expanding at a tremendous rate it is our responsibility to maintain quality and reliability while developing innovative ways to automate the scaling of our network.<br><B>&nbsp;</B><br><B>As a Network Engineer you will:</B><br>&bull; Be responsible for deploying network infrastructure across all of our network fabrics that supports the Amazon Retail Service, Kindle, Payments and multiple AWS services.<br>&bull; Deploy, scale and automate our network across multiple global datacenters. This includes existing footprints and greenfield locations.<br>&bull; Drive scaling of current network designs to meet the demand of our customers.<br>&bull; Create simple, repetitive deployment processes that increase both velocity and quality.<br>&bull; Work closely with our internal customers on designs/solutions; bringing those designs/solutions from concept to production.<br>&bull; Create and update our network standards and ensure that the network is deployed to these standards.<br>&bull; Create and implement changes on the network.<br>&bull; Work closely with our automation teams in defining the tools that allow us to scale at unprecedented volume.<br>&nbsp;<br>The ideal candidate is highly autonomous, possesses strong written and verbal communication skills, strong project management and time management skills and has a successful track record of designing simple, scalable solutions and troubleshooting complex network problems and delivering innovative solutions. The desire and ability to work in a fast paced, collaborative environment is essential. <br>&nbsp;<br><B>Basic Qualifications:</B><br>&bull;A Bachelor&#39;s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience is required.<br>&bull;Candidates should have 2+ years industry experience in a similar environment.<br>&bull;Excellent IP networking fundamentals and extensive experience in the application and troubleshooting of IP protocols.<br>&bull;Excellent TCP networking fundamentals and extensive experience in the application and troubleshooting of TCP.<br>&bull;In-depth knowledge of and experience with major internet routing protocols; specifically BGP and OSPF<br>&bull;In-depth knowledge of and experience with major router platforms; specifically with Cisco 37xx, 49xx, 65xx, 73xx, 76xx, Nexus 7K and Juniper MX/EX platforms including all compatible supervisory and line cards for these platforms.<br>&bull;Excellent network analysis fundamentals and robust troubleshooting skills.<br>&bull;Candidates should also have had significant past experience with, and expertise in many of the following protocols &amp; technologies: DWDM, T1/DS1, DS3, SONET (OC3, OC48), 802.2/3, 802.1d VLANs/STP, IPv4 &amp; IPv6, TCP (internals &amp; flow control), BGP, OSPF, HSRP/GLBP, PIMv2, IGMP, LDP, TACACS, IPSEC &amp; VPNs, netflow, DNS, HTTP.<br>&nbsp;<br><B>Preferred Qualifications:</B><br>&bull;Strong Unix skills and the ability to script in Perl, Python, shell, C or C++ is desirable.<br>&nbsp;<br></span>

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