Senior Architect

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Posted On: 2017-05-19

Essential Job Functions
? Design application architecture standards that can be applied to multiple products
? Provide architectural analysis and system design reviews
? Write code for application frameworks
? Write code for features that utilize new or unfamiliar technologies, coding practices, or languages
? Refactor code in active code bases
? Implement complex features in various applications
? Educate developers on topics ranging from basic principles like decoupling, interface segregation, writing clean code,
ORM usage, or how to apply SOLID principles to advanced topics like functional decomposition and refactoring, deployment
methodologies, network traffic analysis, load testing, or defect analysis
? Analyze code coverage and other metrics to identify potential areas for improvement and/or refactoring
? Participate in long-term planning for architectural direction for the products the company creates
? Create and support coding standards
? Champion new technologies that can simplify development, reduce effort, or solve problems that are creating defects in current systems
? Serve as a technical liaison with customers to set direction and estimate project costs
? Assist with technical interviews for developer positions
? Help developers troubleshoot complex or difficult issues and defects
? Help set up new projects in a manner that will work well with version control and CI
? Get projects ready to use continuous integration and help development teams start doing automated builds and deployments
to internal and external (production) environments
? Help to move applications from development to fault-tolerant production environments
? Troubleshoot problems with and enhance application architecture, performance, stability, or fault tolerance
? Create architectural documentation
? Work with third parties to integrate systems or components into the company?s products
? Promote the use of Agile practices to improve communication and efficiency

Technology Skills Needed
? Ability to write C# and VB.NET code in .NET framework versions 1.1 through 4.5.
? Experience with Visual Studio 2005 ? 2012 (and newer)
? Familiarity with VB6
? Complete understanding and demonstrated experience applying SOLID principles for object-oriented development
? Ability to configure and maintain a continuous integration (CI) pipeline using TFS, Bamboo, TeamCity, or other CI tools,
including automated deployments using SSDT (SQL Server) and Web Deploy (ASP.NET/IIS)
? Familiarity with source control systems: SVN, TFS, or Git
? Experience using architectural modeling tools and web/load testing tools in Visual Studio Ultimate
? Ability to conduct static analysis and evaluate code metrics such as cyclomatic complexity
? Ability to write unit tests and evaluate code coverage of said tests
? Ability to use mocking frameworks such as Moq or Rhino Mocks when creating unit tests
? Demonstrated experience with object/relational mappers (ORMs) such as Entity Framework or NHibernate
? Demonstrated experience with dependency injection (DI) frameworks such as Castle, NInject, or Unity
? Demonstrated experience with SQL Server versions 2005 ? 2014 in database design, security, and maintenance
(backups, index maintenance, performance)
? Ability to write T-SQL for queries, views, and stored procedures
? Ability to use SQL Server performance optimization tools including Profiler and Tuning Advisor
? Demonstrated experience with creating and deploying Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services
? Use of WCF/SOA test tools such as WCF Storm, SoapUI, and Fiddler
? Experience creating Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) client applications, implemented as standalone and
XBAP (in-browser) applications
? Exposure to MVVM frameworks such as PRISM and Caliburn
? Experience using performance and memory profiling tools such as those built into Visual Studio or Red Gate ANTS
? Experience with ASP.NET MVC 2 We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status.

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